September 25, 2020


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Creating the perfect, welcoming wreath for your home has never been easier! With this kit you can not only create a gorgeous Holiday sign with beautiful gold details, but you can also change it up in a matter of seconds.  Just lay the mesh stencil down, apply the ChalkArt, and when it is time for a change use a damp cloth to wipe it off and repeat the process! 


Products in Kit:

  • Mesh Stencil – Milk And Cookies – 2 Pack (Reusable)
  • Peace & Joy – ChalkArt
  • Metallic Gold – ChalkArt
  • ChalkArt Spreader
  • Real Garland Wreath

Other Supplies Needed:

  • N/A


  1. Place your stencil sticky side down, centered onto your chalkboard.
  2. Use the ChalkArt Spreader to apply Peace & Joy and Metallic Gold ChalkArts to the stencil, using enough pressure to push the ChalkArt through the mesh.
  3. Carefully remove the stencil and wash it in lukewarm water once done.
  4. To change up the design, just use a damp cloth to remove the ChalkArt and let the board dry.
  5. Once dry, repeat the steps to create a new look on your gorgeous wreath!


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