Chinoiserie Patterned Placemats Kit Tutorial

April 02, 2019

Chinoiserie Patterned Placemats Kit Tutorial

Get hands-on with this A Makers' Studio Maker Monday project! This carefully curated kit contains everything you need to make your own chinoiserie placemats alongside A Makers' Studio founder Amy Howard. After walking through the project with Amy on this week’s Maker Monday Facebook live, you’ll be setting the table with two unique, toile-patterned placemats that look authentically vintage! Watch the video here to follow along:

Materials You’ll Need

You’ll also need a glass or ceramic bowl to hold your paint.

How to Make Your Own Chinoiserie Patterned Placemats

  1. Pour a small amount of Summer Nights Rescue Restore paint into a clean bowl.
  2. Using your sponge brush, apply a thin coat of Summer Nights paint to one side of your board. Allow to dry, then apply a thin second coat of paint.

3. Lay out the stencil on your board. Once the stencil is laid out, you should see a small margin of space at the top and bottom of your board. Now that you know how you’ll lay out your stencil, remove the adhesive backing and adhere the stencil to your board.

4. Make sure that the stencil is smooth and flat.

5. Using the spreader, take a small dab of the Peace And Joy ChalkArt™ and spread it evenly across the stencil, pushing it through so it hits the mat.

6. Peel off the stencil. Wash it with warm soap and water, and lay flat to dry.

7. Repeat these steps with your second placemat board and let them fully dry.

You can also create matching napkins with Hush Your Mouth Gel Art Ink

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