Stencil A Clock On Your Wall!

January 04, 2022

Stencil A Clock On Your Wall!

This new stencil has so many possibilities! Add this to your wall for a gorgeous art piece that can work as an actual clock. Or take piece of this stencil to create project like this charcuterie board we made... 

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Project Idea: Wall Clock

Watch our live video here to learn how to create this stunning wall clock

Photo's from Amy's live video linked above!

Project Idea: Charcuterie Board

Supplies Needed:


Apply your Mesh Stencil to your charcuterie board. Using your Squeegee, apply your Chalk Art to the Stencil, be sure to push the ChalkArt through the mesh. Carefully remove your stencil and wash immediately. Let dry before using, or if you want your design to be permanent, seal it with our Matte Sealer!

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