Easy Fall DIY Décor

November 02, 2022

Easy Fall DIY Décor

Check out this fun Autumn Stencil that is sure to bring Fall vibes ūüćā to your home decor! Follow along as we show you how to make this fun glass sign for your fall decor!

Products Needed:

Additional Products Used: 

  • Glass sign¬†(or surface of choice) ¬† ¬†
Step 1
Cut out the phrase "Autumn Leaves & Pumpkin Please" from the Mesh Stencil. Peel the phrase from Mesh Stencil from it's adhesive backing and place it on your glass sign. Rub the stencil firmly into the glass sign to make sure it is adheres very well. Take your Angled squeegee and put some of the Slow as Molasses Chalk Art (or color of choice) onto your Squeegee. Then run the Chalk Art over the Mesh Stencil until you have covered the entire stencil. 
Step 2
    Once the Chalk Art has dried, remove the Mesh Stencil from the Glass sign. Once fully removed, immediately wash with warm water and mild soap or put into a bath of water to soak. Once all of the ink is washed off of the stencil, lay it adhesive side up to air dry. 
Step 3
Cut the pumpkin designs from the stencil into individual pieces and place them where you would like to on the glass sign. Following the previous steps, use the Chalk Art Heart of Gold and Summer Melon (or color of choice) to add the Mesh Stencil pumpkin design to your glass sign. 
Step 4
   Now you have a fun Autumn sign to decorate your home with! Check out other ways to use the Pumpkin Please Stencil below!
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