DIY Bandanas For Furry-Friends

August 19, 2021

DIY Bandanas For Furry-Friends

We love celebrating our furry-friends, and this stencil just made it a whole lot more fun! Kerri from Mama Dares To DIY shows you how she made these adorable hats out of felt, and how she used our Gel Art Ink on these precious bandannas in the video below! Scroll down to find a step-by-step picture guide on how we made our bandannas!

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Party Animal DIY Bandanas


· Mesh Stencil – Party Animal

· Gel Art Ink – Hush Your Mouth

· Gel Art Ink – Hey Y’all

· Gel Art Ink – Well I Declare

· Gel Art Ink – Metallic Copper

· Multisided Squeegee

· ChalkArt Spreader


Additional Supplies Needed:

· Bandanas or Scrap Fabric (Hobby Lobby)

· Ribbons (Hobby Lobby)

· Hot Glue Gun or Fabric Glue



1. Begin by folding the corner of the bandanna into the center to mark and then cut out a triangle. The cut doesn’t need to be perfect since the ribbon will be glued along the edge.

2. Next, place the stencil centered on the bandanna. Then use the ChalkArt Spreader and Squeegee to mix together the Well I Declare Gel Art Ink with a dab of Metallic Copper Gel Art Ink.

3. Then apply the mixture using the Squeegee to the top of the hat, bottom half of “Birthday,” and then the rest of the words excluding the word “Bark.”

4. Then add Hey Y’all to the rest of the stencil using the Squeegee. Once done, carefully remove the stencil and then wash it in lukewarm water.

5. While the bandanna dries, use the bone patterned stencil and Hush Your Mouth Gel Art Ink to decorate the ribbon.

6. Once everything has dried for a least a few hours, use a hot iron (no steam) to set the ink. Then use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to attach the ribbon along the top edge of the bandanna


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