February 05, 2020


It is always a good thing to have inspiring accessories in the office! It is so easy for you to customize items such as clipboards or notebooks with our Mesh Stencils and Rescue Restore Paint! 


Products needed:

Rescue Restore Paint in Blessed 

Mesh Stencil - Bless The Lord

Gilding Size

Imitation Gold Leaf

Foam Dome Brush

Artist Brush

Chip Brush


Step 1: Place your stencil onto the clipboard, smoothing out any bubbles you may see.

Step 2: Load your Foam Dome Brush with Rescue Restore Paint. Use an up and down motion to offload the brush and then use the same motion to apply the paint to the stencil. Make sure to use firm pressure and work quickly.

Step 3: After carefully removing the stencil, allow to dry. Use the Artist Brush to apply the Gilding Size on the sides of all the downstrokes of the words written in print. 

Step 4: Once the size has come to tack, apply the Gold Leaf. Hold the spine with one hand and pull back the tissue with the other. Lay the leaf down covering the entire area with size. 

Step 5: After burnishing, lift the leaf packet up and continue the process until the entire area is covered. Using a stiff brush, remove the excess leaf. 

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