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DIY Clothed With Dignity Serving Tray

June 04, 2021

DIY Clothed With Dignity Serving Tray

Clothed with Dignity Serving Tray



Additional Supplies Needed:

  • Tray (Hobby Lobby)
  • Small Bowl
  • Lint Free Cloth
  • Painter’ Tape (optional)


  1. Begin by mixing 1 part Gel Stain with 2 parts water. Using the Sponge Paint Brush, apply the stain mixture to the wood tray. Remove excess stain with a lint free cloth as you go.
  2. Once completely dry, place the stencil centered on the tray. Optional: place painters’ tape on any edges the stencil doesn’t cover to protect from the paint.
  3. Next, load the foam dome brush with the Geyer Gray paint. Then offload it using an up down motion.
  4. Then apply the paint to the stencil using the same up down motion, moving quickly and carefully.
  5. Once the stencil is covered, quickly remove it and wash it in lukewarm water. Then allow the paint to fully dry.
  6. Using a line free cloth, apply a dab of Antique Wax to the tray to seal it. Allow it to fully cure before use.

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