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DIY FALL HOODIE | Using Gel Art Inks

August 21, 2020

DIY FALL HOODIE | Using Gel Art Inks

Need the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe? Use your Gel Art Inks and Oh My Gourd Mesh Stencil to customize any hoodie! 

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  1. Begin by cutting out your stencil and placing a piece of smooth cardboard inside the hoodie behind where the stencil will be placed. 
  2. Next, place the stencil on the top right of the hoodie.
  3. Then place a dab of Lord Have Mercy, Over Yonder, Well I Swanee, and Well I Declare Gel Art Inks onto a scrap piece of cardboard or another ChalkArt Spreader.
  4. Using your ChalkArt Spreader, begin to mix the Lord Have Mercy, Well I Swanee, and Well I Declare together.  Taking some of that mixture, do the same adding in Over Yonder. 
  5. Then apply the ink to the gourd on the stencil using enough pressure to push the ink through the mesh.  Start with the burnt orange mixture at the bottom and then add in the yellow mixture to the top of the gourd.
  6. Next, mix together Well I Swanee and Well I Declare. 
  7. Using that mixture, apply the Gel Art Ink to the rest of the word “gourd.” 
  8. After that, apply Hold Your Horses to the rest of the stencil. 
  9. Once done remove the stencil and wash with lukewarm water. 
  10. Allow the ink to dry for at least two hours and then use a hot iron (no steam) to set the ink.

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