DIY Family Rules Chalkboard

February 01, 2021 1 Comment

DIY Family Rules Chalkboard

Today we're using our adorable new Family Rules Mesh Stencil to create a Family Rules board. This is perfect for a child's room, the family room, bathroom, and more. This stencil displays beautiful scripture verses to remind us what matters. Shop and follow along below!

Shop the products we used...

💚Family Rules Mesh Stencil

💚Large Wooden Board

💚English Walnut Gel Stain

💚Easy Street One Step Paint or Black One Step Paint

💚Peace & Joy ChalkArt

Follow the steps below...

Step 1: Stain Your Board

Tape off the corners of your board to protect the areas we are going to paint. Use Amy Howard At Home English Walnut Gel Stain to stain the outside of your wooden board. We like to use a sponge brush for this! Then take a lint-free rag and rub along your wet stain. This removes the excess and moves the stain into the grain of the wood. 

Step 2: Paint Your Board

Use your favorite shade of Amy Howard One Step Paint to paint your chalkboard. We used Easy Street One Step Paint. Do two thin coats of this using a sponge brush or foam roller brush. 

Step 3: Stencil Time

Once your paint has completely dried, lay your stencil on to your board. Make sure there are no bubbles! Pick your shade of ChalkArt and start apply it to your stencil. Cover the entire stencil with ChalkArt, working quickly so that it doesn't dry. 

Enjoy your beautiful new board!


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Vickie Chambers
Vickie Chambers

February 17, 2021

Love this stencil. I will be ordering it.

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