DIY Food Serving or Charcuterie Board

February 17, 2021

DIY Food Serving or Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie and Food Serving trays are great for serving cheeses, desserts, pastries and more. Your guests will be asking you "where did you get that?" after you use our NEW Moroccan Influence Stencil to make your board. Follow along with Amy below!

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Lay your stencil out on your board so that you like the placement

Take your ChalkArt and apply it to your board working through the mesh. Be sure to work quickly so the ChalkArt doesn't dry in the mesh! 

Once your stencil is covered with ChalkArt - carefully remove the stencil and wash it with water immediately. 

Enjoy your beautiful board! ChalkArt is food safe so use your board and then remove the ChalkArt with water. If you would prefer to keep the design - roll on our Matte Sealer. 

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