DIY Fortuny Pillow On A Budget

June 09, 2021

DIY Fortuny Pillow On A Budget

Fortuny fabric is absolutely stunning, the shimmer, the gradiant effect, it's just the perfect design to add to any room. However, the fabric is quite costly at over $450 a yard! Watch as Amy and Michelle show you a process Amy developed to get the look on a budget. 


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  1. In separate containers, dilute Amy Howard at Home "One Step Paint" colors as 70% water,  30% paint. Stir or shake until well mixed.
  2.  Pour the Dunavant Green into a tub and submerge the pillow case completely. Ring out excess paint to ensure that too much paint is not left in the pillow.
  3.  Allow the paint to settle into fabric for about 10 minutes. Then rinse under running water to remove any excess. Allow to dry completely.
  4.  Use the mottling technique for the remaining two colors. Working with one color at a time. Using your sea wool sponge, organically pounce on paint over entire surface . As you begin to add the colors, you are creating an organic composition of colors. Overlapping these colors will give you the desired Faux Fortuny look.
  5.  Once the pillow has dried completely, lay down the adhesive stencil to pillow case surface. For more stability, you can use painters tape to hold down the edge of the stencil. Use your Gold Metallic Gel Art ink on your dried sponge and use the same pouncing motion to apply the color. Allow 30 minutes of drying time.
  6.  To seal and protect your pillow, apply A Maker's Studio Squeezable wax onto the pillow case using a lint-free rag. Allow wax to come to tack (about 20 minutes). Then buff with a lint-free rag in a hit-drag motion. 

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