DIY Gilded Art

May 04, 2022

DIY Gilded Art

Make your very own custom art pieces with our Mesh Stencils. Make them fancy by adding our Gold Leaf. Cheryl from Home Of My Making shows you how she created custom art while teaching you how to use Gold Leaf!

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Additional Supplies

  • Water Color Paper


Step One

Cut Out Desired Portion Of Mesh Stencil

Step Two

Peel Off Backing And Apply Stencil To Water Color Paper

Step Three

Use Metallic Gold Gel Art Ink And Apply To Desired Words On Stencil

Step Four

Repeat Step Three But With Hush Your Mouth Gel Art Ink On The Rest Of The Stencil

Step Five

Remove Mesh Stencil

Step Six

Tear The Edges Of The Paper For A Distressed Look

Step Seven

Use A Paint Brush And Paint The Edges Of The Paper With The Gilding Size

Step Eight

 Let The Gilding Size Come To Tack (not fully dry)

Step Nine

Use Gold Leaf And Apply To The Places You Painted With The Gilding Size

Step Ten

Brush Off The Excess

Step Eleven

Frame Your Masterpiece If Desired!

Use A Makers' Studio Gold Leaf to add a bit of glimmer in all the right places. From highlighting the best features of your favorite antique furniture to creating modern dishware and decorative accents, Gold Leaf does it all!

What you'll love:

  • Gold Leaf gives any piece of furniture drama and glamour.
  • Subtly add shimmer and shine to your décor by gilding pillows and other fabric accents.
  • Get endlessly creative with the magical combination of gilding finishes and A Makers' Studio Stencils!

Enjoy a cup of coffee from a gold-flecked mug you made yourself or dress up your couch with a luxurious piece of DIY wall art. From modern to classic, Gold Leaf is a fun and easy way to add metallic finishes to your home!

Please note Gold Leaf must be paired with Gilding Size to adhere to any surface.

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