DIY Gilded Leaf Plates

October 19, 2020

DIY Gilded Leaf Plates

Are you as ready for fall as we are? As the leaves fall off of your trees, grab a few for this gorgeous project. These dishes will look just beautiful on your table this Thanksgiving and fall season. 

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1. Wipe plate to ensure it is clean of any debris.

2. Load Foam Dome Brush with Gilding Size and begin to off load it using an up down motion.

3. Using the same up down motion, apply the size to the entire under side of the leaf.

4. Flip the leaf over and carefully place it onto the plate.

5. Gently and slowly press the leaf down, making sure you apply pressure to the entire leaf. Then you can carefully lift the leaf off.

6. Once size has come to tack and has become translucent you can apply the leaf. Holding the spine with one hand, pull back the tissue with the other hand and lay the leaf down covering the area with size.

7. After burnishing (pressing and rubbing down firmly) lift leaf packet up and continue the process.

8. Once done begin removing excess leaf using a Chip Brush.


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