Create High End Decor Pieces With Our Mock Croc Stencil

July 15, 2021

Create High End Decor Pieces With Our Mock Croc Stencil

Turn any plain item into a high end decor piece! Watch us use our new Mock Croc Mesh Stencil on our Target finds! 

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· Mesh Stencil – Moc Croc

· 4oz – Pasha White

· 4oz – Linen

· Foam Dome Brush 

· Foam Sponge Brush – 3” 


Additional Supplies Needed:

· Wooden Tray (Hobby Lobby)

· Painters’ Tape



1. Begin by taping either removing the hardware or using painters’ tape to cover it. Then apply the Pasha White paint to the entire board using the Foam Sponge Brush. Be sure to use nice long strokes and always paint into a wet edge. Allow to dry and add additional coats as necessary.

2. Once fully dried, place painters’ tape along the inside edge and then lay the Mock Croc stencil down, covering the bottom inside of the tray. Smooth out any bubbles you find.

3. Then, load the foam dome brush with Linen paint and offload using an up down motion. Next, apply the paint to the stencil using the same up down motion.

4. Once done, carefully remove the stencil and wash it in lukewarm water. Allow the paint to fully dry and cure before use.




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