DIY Mixed Media Art

May 03, 2022

DIY Mixed Media Art

Do you have random scraps laying around? Take bits and pieces of product and techniques and make it into something beautiful! Watch this weeks video as Kerri from Mama Dares to DIY does exactly that.

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Additional Supplies

  •  Canvas
  •  Greenery
  •  Twine
  •  Ribbon
  •  Pages from an old book


Step One

Cut out desired pieces of your Color Transfer (Kerri chose the butterflies) 

Step Two

Take off backing and apply Color Transfers to scrap book pages and rub transfer on 

Step Three

Remove the carrier sheet after rubbing on Transfer

Step Four

Tear edges of paper for a distressed look

Step Five

Apply Gel Stain to the edges of the paper for an antique look

Step Six

Attach paper to canvas

Step Seven

Finish it off by applying ribbon to the corners

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