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February 11, 2020


There are so many unique things you can do with inexpensive flour sack towels! With our Rescue Restore Paint, you can easily create an ombre effect. Then add one of our Mesh Stencils and Gel Art Ink to truly take it to the next level! These are an adorable touch in any kitchen or at any table!

Products needed:
Rescue Restore Paint - Goodness Gracious
Mesh Stencil - Work For Good
Gel Art Ink - Blowin Up A Storm
ChalkArt Spreader


Step 1: Mix 1 part Goodness Gracious Rescue Restore Paint with 5 parts water. 

Step 2: Unfold the towel and hold it up to dip the end of it into the dye. Once you can see that the entire bottom has soaked up the dye, let it drip for a moment before hanging it up to dry. Allow the towel to dry overnight.

Step 3: Once the towel is completely dry, iron it and place a piece of cardboard under it. 

Step 4: Cut out your stencil and place it centered onto the bottom section of the towel.

Step 5: Place a dab of Blowin Up A Storm Gel Art Ink onto your ChalkArt spreader and apply it to the stencil using firm pressure. You will want to press and scrape so that it pushes the Ink through the stencil.

Step 6: Carefully remove the stencil and wash immediately with lukewarm water. Allow the towel to dry for at least 2 hours, then use a hot iron (no steam) to set the ink. 

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