DIY Painted Candleholders

June 02, 2022

DIY Painted Candleholders

Make your very own custom glassware unique to you! Wow all of your guests with this easy DIY. Colorful glasses are everywhere right now; save money by designing your own. Watch as Kerry from Mama Dares To DIY uses our ALCOHOL INKS to create her custom glass pieces...

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Additional Supplies

  • Glass Vase


Step One

Put On Gloves And Mix Your Resin With A 1:1 Ratio According To Bottle Instructions (Kerri added a dash of Mica Powder into her Resin mixture)

Step Two

Start Dropping Alcohol Inks Onto Bottom Of Glass In Random Pattern (let the ink run over onto the sides)

Step Three

Cover The Bottom Of The Glass With Resin

Step Four

Make Your Way Around The Entire Glass Vase Adding The Resin

Product Highlight: Alcohol Ink

 A Makers' Studio Alcohol Inks are fast drying, permanent, pigment and dye inks that allow you to create beautiful works of art on papers, encaustic, and more. The Alcohol Ink Bundle includes 24 vibrant colors to pair with our Acrylic Glacier Resin and use to create the most beautiful custom resin art. 

We can't wait to see how you Craft Your Beautiful Life with these Alcohol Inks!

Maker Laurie B. says,

"This set of inks is the most amazing thing I have found in a LONG time! The photos don't do justice to the gold shimmer, but trust me, it's amazing! There are so many options could make backgrounds for other art, or frame the art and it looks like you have some high end art in your home - and then you get to say "oh, I made that" and enjoy the bragging rights as Amy always says! A great bargain too as you only need a bit to create amazing looks - you get 24 bottles with this set!!! You cannot go wrong with this! Don't be afraid to just let it do what it wants to'll be thrilled at the results!!!"

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