DIY Planter Makeover With Our Inlay Mesh Stencil

July 26, 2021

DIY Planter Makeover With Our Inlay Mesh Stencil

Kerri from Mama Dares To DIY launched our new Inlay Mesh Stencil today! She showed you how to take any household item that may not be your style anymore and to make it your own.

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· Mesh Stencil – Inlay

· Etching Cream

· Artist Brush


Additional Supplies Needed:

· Mirror (Hobby Lobby)



1. Begin by removing the backing from the Inlay Stencil.

2. Next, place the stencil on the mirror, smoothing out any bubbles.

3. Then use the Artist Brush to apply Etching Cream to the stencils. Use a circular motion to rub the cream into the stencil.

4. More is better for this technique, so be sure to go back and load plenty on top. Allow to sit for at least five minutes before putting on gloves and washing off both the stencil and mirror in lukewarm water.





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