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DIY Postage Jewelry Tray

January 19, 2021

DIY Postage Jewelry Tray

This Postage Jewelry Tray is perfect for any room in your house. Use different colors to make it more masculine or kid-friendly! Store rings, jewelry, keys and more in this adorable tray. 



  • Small Plate or Ceramic Tray


1. Begin by cutting out your stencil and then placing the stamp stencils down onto the plate smoothing out any bubbles. Then use one of your artist brushes to place a dab of Always A Bridesmaid Ceramic Paint onto a part of each stencil.

2. Next, do the same using the second Artist Brush and Tally Ho Ceramic Paint. Quickly begin to push the paint into the mesh stencil and blend them to make varying shades of pink.

3. Once done, quickly remove the stencils and wash them in lukewarm water. Allow them to fully dry before repeating the steps to cover the entire plate. After the entire plate has been covered, allow it to fully dry.

4. Next, use a dry Artist Brush to apply a layer of Gilding Size to the edge of the plate, spinning the plate as you go to help keep a smooth and steady line.
Once the size has come to tack (it will appear translucent) you can apply the Gold Leaf. Holding the spine with one hand, pull back the tissue with the other hand and lay the leaf down covering the area with size. You can cut the Gold leaf into smaller strips but be sure to hold the spine tightly when doing so, cutting the entire pack.

5. After burnishing (pressing and rubbing down firmly) lift leaf packet up and continue the process until entire sized area is covered. Using the Chip Brush, remove the excess leaf.

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