DIY Your Own Thank You Cards

July 23, 2021

DIY Your Own Thank You Cards

Renae from Real Home Renae is here to kick off our Yay You Mesh Stencil Launch! She shows us how she uses the stencil with adorable signs and more! How are you going to use our new stencil?

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· Mesh Stencil – Yay You

· No Bake Ceramic Paint – You’re The Water To My Ocean

· No Bake Ceramic Paint – Hot And Spicy

· No Bake Ceramic Paint – Gold Metallic

· 2 Artist Brushes


Additional Supplies Needed:

· Large Mug (Target)



1. Begin by cutting out your stencil.

2. Then place the stencil centered onto the large mug, smoothing out any bubbles around the design.

3. Next, use the Artist Brush to apply You’re The Water To My Ocean Ceramic Paint the to words “Yay You!”

4. Moving quickly, use the second Artist Brush to mix a little Hot And Spicy with Gold Metallic Ceramic Paint and apply it to the inner star bursts.

5. Using the same brush, apply a darker Hot And Spicy mix to the outer starbursts.

6. Once done, quickly remove the stencil and then wash it and the brushes in lukewarm water. Allow the mug to dry for 12 - 14 hours. To speed up the cure time and give it more durability, we recommend baking your piece for 25 minutes on 350 degrees, letting the piece cool in the oven.

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