DIY Watercolor Frame | I Am Who You Say I Am Mesh Stencil

December 28, 2020 1 Comment

DIY Watercolor Frame | I Am Who You Say I Am Mesh Stencil

Today's Maker Monday was so special. Leah from our office joined us to share what "I am who you say I am" means to her...

Our new stencil is a special one. Check out today's Maker Monday below.


How To Make A Watercolor Frame

  1. Find an old frame and remove the backing so the glass is exposed.
  2. Remove the adhesive back from your stencil, today we used our I Am Who You Say I Am Mesh Stencil. 
  3. Lay your stencil down in the area where you want your design to be. Make sure to use a ChalkArt spreader to get the bubbles out of your Mesh Stencil.
  4. Pick the part of a stencil that you want to outline, we went with the flower portion of the I Am Who You Think I Am Stencil. We used the Hold Your Horses Gel Art Ink to create an outline for our watercolor. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  5. Choose the Gel Art Ink colors you want to fill in and watercolor with. Mix some of the colors together to create even more shades! Take a little bit of water, mix your paints, and start to fill in your design.
  6. Continue to fill in your design and Craft Your Beautiful Life!

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December 29, 2020

Love this stencil ❤️ Beautiful detail and meaning!

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