DIY Your Own Paisley Trivets, Aprons and More

June 22, 2021

DIY Your Own Paisley Trivets, Aprons and More

A classic design turned into one of our new favorite Mesh Stencils! Use this stencil to add fabulous design on etched glasses, plates with our No Bake Ceramic Paint, and more! Watch below as Amy & Michelle make patriotic trivets, an apron, and more. 

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Additional Supplies Needed:

  • Cork Trivets (3 pack from Ikea)


  1. Begin by place a corner of the stencil on the trivet, making sure all sides are covered.
  2. Next, apply the Gel Art Ink Well I Declare to the stencil using the Angled Squeegee. Be sure to apply enough pressure to push the ink through the mesh.
  3. Once done, carefully remove the stencil.
  4. Then move to another area of the stencil and repeat the steps on the last two trivets using Hush Your Mouth and Bless His Heart Gel Art Inks. Once done, wash the stencil in lukewarm water.

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