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September 18, 2019


In this week's Maker Monday, Amy reviews her favorite Ink Transfers, Full Color Ink Transfers, and how to add AMAZING to almost anything. 

Shop Ink Transfers 

Our new Rub-On Ink Transfer designs are the easiest way to add amazing art to any DIY project. 
  • These designs can be applied to paper, furniture, glass, fabric, or most any painted surface. 
  • Embellish with Gel Art Ink, Rescue Restore Paint, or ChalkArt.


Shop Full Color Ink Transfers 

A Makers' Studio Full Color Ink Transfers are a full-color ink image transfer that can be combined with a variety of surfaces to create endlessly customized DIY home décor.


  • Cut out sections or use the entire design. 
  • Simply pick your project and watch your vision come to life as you rub the color design off of the sheet onto your clean surface. 
  • You can transform glass, ceramic, wood, most painted finishes, paper....the possibilities are endless. 
  • Start adding artistic elements to your furniture and accents without any drawing or painting skills!


1. Remove the Full Color Ink Transfers from the backing and place them color (glossy) side up on the surface where you would like to adhere the transfer. 

2. Use a wooden stick (included) to rub on the glossy top of the transfer, this will release the ink from the heavy plastic it is on, and adhere it to the surface you are working with.

While our transfers are quite durable, if you plan to use them on a high-traffic surface and want additional protection, you can seal them with either our “Matte Sealer” or “Bright Idea” lacquer. For hard, flat surfaces (such as furniture or trays) apply our Matte Sealer with a foam roller.

For hard, rounded or odd-shaped surfaces (such as lamps), spray with a coating of our “Bright Idea” lacquer.

Note: both sealants are for interior use only and should not be applied to fabric. Sealants further adhere the transfer and smooth edges to avoid chipping. They do not protect from scratching. Re-apply as needed over time.

Enjoy the thrill of creating unique art quickly and easily with our full-color transfers. 

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