Easy DIY Laundry Room Farmhouse Sign

March 16, 2021

Easy DIY Laundry Room Farmhouse Sign

Watch as Amy & Michelle use our new Laundry Room Mesh Stencil to make the most adorable Laundry Room sign!  Follow the steps below. This new stencil comes with so many cute and sassy sayings to bring a little fun into your laundry room. 

Stain Your Wood

We used English Walnut Gel Stain to stain the wood. We used a lint-free rag to apply the stain and rub it in. 


Paint Your Smaller Piece Of Wood

Next we used Black One Step Paint to paint our piece of wood.

Lay Out Your Stencils

We measured and laid out our Mesh Stencil. Place the icons and letters where you like them. 

Time for ChalkArt!

Apply your I Reckon ChalkArt to your sign.

Hot Glue Your Pieces Together

Hot glue your black piece of wood to your stained piece of wood.

Apply Furniture Tacks To Your Design


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