Chair Makeover DIY With Mesh Stencils And One Step Paint

August 27, 2021

Chair Makeover DIY With Mesh Stencils And One Step Paint

Give any DIY project a fresh modern look with our NEW Geo Mesh Stencil! Kim from Salvaged Living is here to show you how she used our Gel Art Inks and our new stencil to make her letter holder stand out. Did you know our Stencils can be used on furniture? Scroll below to see how we did DIY chair cushions with this Stencil!

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Geo Chair Cushion


· Mesh Stencil – Geo

· 4oz – Good Man Is Hard To Find

· 4oz – Pasha White

· Antiquing Wax

· Wedge Specialty Brush

· Foam Dome Brush

· Chip Brush


Additional Supplies Needed:

· Fabric Covered Chair Cushion

· Spray Bottle of Water

· 400 Grit Sandpaper

· Painters’ Tape (optional)



1. Begin by making sure the fabric is clean and then mix Pasha White One Step Paint with 20% water in a small bowl or jar.

2. Next, lightly mist the fabric with a spray bottle. Then apply the mixture to the cushion using nice long strokes and always painting into a wet edge. Allow to dry, sand with 400 grit sandpaper, remove any dust, and then apply additional coats.

3. Once dry, place the stencil onto the cushion in the bottom corner.

4. Next, load and offload the Foam Dome Brush with Good Man Is Hard To Find One Step Paint, using an up down motion. Then use the same motion to apply the paint to the stencil. You can add a piece of painters’ tape to protect the edges.

5. Once done, remove and wash the stencil in lukewarm water. Allow to fully dry and then repeat the steps to complete the pattern.

6. After finishing the pattern and allowing the cushion to fully dry, use the Chip Brush to apply the Antiquing Wax. Be sure to offload the brush before applying to the cushion and use a crisscross motion to apply. Less is more for this technique. Allow to fully cure before using.

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