HOW TO CREATE AN OMBRÉ EFFECT | Gel Art Inks, No Bake Ceramic Paints, and ChalkArt

December 18, 2020

HOW TO CREATE AN OMBRÉ EFFECT | Gel Art Inks, No Bake Ceramic Paints, and ChalkArt

Today we are talking OMBRÉ! Amy and Michelle went live on Facebook to show you how to create gorgeous ombré effects with Gel Art Ink, ChalkArt, or even No Bake Ceramic Paint. 

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Gel Art Ink


No Bake Ceramic Paint

Mesh Stencils

ChalkArt Spreaders

How To Create An Ombré Effect:

  • Choose the colors you want to create your ombré effect with - we recommend starting with three
  • Place your Mesh Stencil on the area you will be applying your product to
  • Start with the lightest color you are using, take some on your ChalkArt Spreader, and begin spreading it through the Mesh Stencil on the area you want to be the start of your ombré
  • When you have placed the product on a little over a third of your stencil, it's time for the next color
  • Begin spreading your next color into the stencil starting on the outside line of where you want your second color to end, working towards your lightest color. Leave negative space in between your second and first colors.
  • Now it's time for your final color, use the same technique by starting in the area of not touching your second color and working towards it. As you get closer to your second color, leave negative space.
  • Once your colors are placed, it's time to blend!
  • Take a little bit of both colors you are blending on your ChalkArt Spreader, then blend in the negative space you created earlier. Repeat this with your other two colors and until your stencil is completely covered!
  • Voila! Enjoy your gorgeous ombré design and enjoy the bragging rights!

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