How To: Layered Art Piece

April 06, 2022

How To: Layered Art Piece

The days are longer and the weather is finally warmer! It's time for all things spring, including DIYs! Watch as Kerri from Mama Dares To DIY uses our NEW Ode To Moth Layered Mesh Stencil for this stunning art piece.

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  • Yupo Paper
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Step One

Cut Your Stencil And Choose Desired Part Of Layered Stencil

Step Two

Start Dropping Different Colors Of Alcohol Ink On The Yupo Paper Until Paper Is Mostly Covered


Step Three

Spray Wet Inks With Water For A Smeared Look


Step Four

Once Dry, Place Paper In A Picture Frame

Step Five

Apply Bottom Layer Of Stencil On To Glass Picture Frame

Step Six

Using A Squeegee, Apply Gel Art Ink To Stencil

Step Seven

Remove Stencil And Let Dry 

Step Eight

Apply Second Layer Of Stencil On Top Of The Dried Bottom Layer

Step Nine

Using Squeegee, Apply Metallic Gold Gel Art Ink To Stencil

Step Ten

Remove Stencil And Let Dry

Step Eleven

Using Black Gel Art Ink, Paint The Back Of The Glass To Make The Moth Stand Out

Step Twelve

Let Dry And Reassemble The Picture Frame

Product Highlight 

A Makers' Studio Alcohol Inks are fast drying, permanent, pigment and dye inks that allow you to create beautiful works of art on papers, encaustic, and more. The Alcohol Ink Bundle includes 24 vibrant colors to pair with our Acrylic Glacier Resin and use to create the most beautiful custom resin art. 

We can't wait to see how you Craft Your Beautiful Life with these Alcohol Inks!

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