DIY The Most Adorable Photo Display

August 09, 2021

DIY The Most Adorable Photo Display

We're just loving our pattern stencils! Use our new In Bloom stencil to add adorable flowers to a photo display, your planner for this year, and so much more. Scroll down for a few fun ideas!

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In Bloom Photo Display


· Mesh Stencil – In Bloom

· 4oz – Dunavant Green

· Foam Sponge Brush – 3”

Additional Supplies Needed:

· Photo Display Kit (Target)

· Hammer


1. Begin by placing the stencil on the board, smoothing out any bubbles.

2. Next, load the Foam Sponge Brush with Dunavant Green One Step Paint and apply it to the stencil. Be sure to go in one direction and avoid going back over areas already painted.

3. Once done, carefully and quickly remove the stencil and wash it in lukewarm water.

4. Allow the board to fully dry and then use a hammer to insert the nails on either side of the board.

5. Next, attach the jute cording to each nail.

6. Last, attach the clips to the string and add your photographs.

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