Inspirational Metal Chalkboard

January 12, 2021

Inspirational Metal Chalkboard

We love having inspirational decor around our homes! This chalkboard has a beautiful verse on it from our Do As The Lord Mesh Stencil. Michelle and Leah went live to show you how to use ChalkArt on this board. 

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  1. Begin by cutting out your stencil.
  2. Then place it centered onto your Chalkboard Stand, smoothing out any bubbles.
  3. Next, use the ChalkArt Spreader to apply Can’t Never Could ChalkArt to all the words except “heartily” on the stencil. Be sure to apply enough pressure to push the ChalkArt through the mesh.
  4. To prevent the ChalkArt from drying you can carefully lift the stencil up and then back down on either side before continuing to the next color. Be sure not to lift it all the way up or you will lose your placing.
  5. Laying the stencil back in place, repeat the steps adding Dreamy Eyes ChalkArt to all the details along with “heartily.”
  6. Once done, remove the stencil and wash in lukewarm water.

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