DIY Laundry Room Sign + Pencil Pouch

October 01, 2021

DIY Laundry Room Sign + Pencil Pouch

Check out all the different ways you can craft with our new Build A Life You Love Mesh Stencil! Kim over at SalvagedLiving created a cute laundry room sign with our Stencil, and we made a DIY pencil pouch! 
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Build A Life You Love Pencil Pouch


Additional Supplies:

  • Pencil Pouch (new or used)


  1. Using One Step Paint, cover your (new or used) pencil pouch with a paint brush. Let dry.
  2. Peel the backing off your stencil and apply it sticky side down.
  3. Use two clean paint brushes to apply each of your GelArt Ink colors.
  4. Peel, rinse and dry your stencil. Then, fill your pencil pouch and show it off!

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