Names Of God Tote

April 19, 2021

Names Of God Tote

Our new Names of God stencil beautifully displays the names we call God - Father, Redeemer, Beloved, Bread of Life, and so much more. This stencil is perfect for a tote! Watch as we use our Gel Art Ink to create this chic tote. We decided to create a few other projects like a mug and card with this beautiful stencil too.

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How To Create A Names Of God Tote

1. Place your stencil on your tote

2. Use your Gel Art Ink and ChalkArt Spreader to work the ink into your stencil

3. Be sure to cover your whole surface and then peel away your stencil

4. Wash your stencil as quick as possible and enjoy your new tote!

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