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Customize Your Target Finds

July 07, 2021

Customize Your Target Finds

Your family is going to look just precious with matching t-shirts. Join us today as we show you how to use our new Raising My Tribe Mesh Stencil on sneakers, t-shirts, and more! We even do an etched glass DIY!

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· Mesh Stencil – Raising My Tribe

· Etching Cream

· Artist Brush

Additional Supplies Needed:

· Glass Frame (Target)

· Painters’ Tape

· Surgical Gloves


1. Begin by removing the back glass from the frame. Then place the stencil centered on the frame.

2. Next, add painters’ tape along the edge of the frame, under the stencil, and above the stencil to create stripes along the top and bottom of the frame.

3. Then begin applying the Etching Cream using the Artist Brush. Start by rubbing the cream into the glass at the top.

4. Once the top is covered, go back and glob a thick amount on top of that. More is better in this process.

5. Then move on to the stencil repeating the steps.

6. Lastly, repeat steps 3-4 to the bottom stripe. Allow it to sit for at least five minutes before removing the stencil and tape and then washing off the cream with lukewarm water. Be sure to wear gloves while removing the cream.

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