Resin Crafts For Spring

March 11, 2022

Resin Crafts For Spring

Did you know that we sell our very own Acrylic Glacier Resin? Our Acrylic Glacier Resin is the clearest epoxy available. Non-yellowing, non-priming, odorless, and self-leveling. Perfect for your favorite acrylic craft projects, tabletops, and creating beautiful countertops. It can be used anywhere as a hard durable crystal clear coating with a clear glass quality. We have included a special UV protectant to protect your projects to never crack, chalk, or yellow. Check out these Resin projects that are perfect for Spring!

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Learn How To Make Spring Earrings Here

Make Colorful Barrettes With Our Resin

Let Amy Show You How To Create Tea Lights With Spring Flowers

Make A Brand New Notebook For The Spring Season

We cannot wait to see what you create!


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