Set Your Heart On Things Above With This Stencil

August 23, 2021

Set Your Heart On Things Above With This Stencil

Cheryl from Home Of My Making is here to show you how she used our NEW Set Your Heart Mesh Stencil to make the most adorable decorative board with different parts of the stencil! Use our Stencils as a whole, or just parts of it! Scroll below to find our how we made a DIY serving board with the same stencil. 

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Set Your Heart Serving Board


· Mesh Stencil – Set Your Heart

· 4oz – Geyer Gray

· 4oz – Cherbourg

· 4oz – Going Plum Crazy

· 4oz – Stella

· 2 Artist Brushes


Additional Supplies Needed:

· Large Round Serving Board (Hobby Lobby)

· Painters’ Tape



1. Begin by placing the stencil centered onto the board. Then use an Artist Brush to apply Stella One Step Paint to random petals. Be sure not to leave any puddles of paint and move quickly so it doesn’t dry onto the stencil.

2. Once done, quickly move to the next Artist Brush and add Going Plum Crazy One Step Paint to the rest of the flowers. Then wash the brushes and squeeze them dry with a paper towel.

3. Next, add Cherbourg One Step Paint to the stems and leaves using the same technique. Then quickly switch to Geyer Gray to paint the words.

4. Once done, remove the stencil and wash it in lukewarm water immediately. Using a mild soap and sea sponge may help if there are any particles stuck on the mesh.

5. Allow the board to fully dry and then place painters’ tape down on either side of the words. Place the stencil down so the flowers create a circle around the wording.

6. Then repeat the steps above. Wash the stencil and allow it to fully dry before repeating on the other side.


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