How To: Resin Tea Light Kit

October 18, 2021

How To: Resin Tea Light Kit

Our Resin Tea Light Kit is perfect for making the coziest three tiered tea light holder for your living room coffee table! The possibilities are endless as you add in dried flowers, glitter, and more to these tea lights.

This kit includes:

  • Acrylic Glacier Resin A - 8 oz.
  • Acrylic Glacier Hardener B - 8 oz.
  • Tea Light Trio Mold
  • Dried Flowers - Orange & Pink
  • 3 Stir Sticks

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Click the video below to watch how Amy created these cozy tea lights!

 How To

Step One:

Gather your supplies! Your kit will have almost everything you need but, you will want to grab surgical gloves, a mask, tweezers and a heat gun if you have one.


Step Two:

Measure and mix your Glacier Resin labeled A and your Glacier Hardener labeled B together. Equal amounts 1-1 ratio.  Make sure to wear surgical gloves to protect your hands when pouring and mixing. Also, wear a mask when pouring and working with resins. Pour your A and B into one larger cup and stir well for 3 minutes, be sure to mix the product on the side of the cup.  


Step Three:

Pour some of your blended resin mixture into your tea light molds. Let it set up for 5 minutes or so.


Step Four:

If you have bubbles, you can hit the bubbles gently with a heat gun and they will disappear.


Step Five:

Pick up your dried flowers with some tweezers and place them upside down in the mold. Place the flowers around the sides next to the bottom of the mold. Allow this to set up for 5 minutes or so.


Step Six:

After the flowers are set up in your resin mixture, pour the rest of your mixed resin into the mold and fill it up. Allow this to sit overnight or 10-12 hours.


Step Seven:

After you have let your creation dry, carefully remove the tea light from your mold.

Step Eight:
Add your metal lined tea lights and enjoy! Use this technique for berries, hollies, flowers, etc for the holidays. Start Crafting Your Beautiful Life!

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