There's No Place Like Home DIY Photo Frame

August 27, 2021

There's No Place Like Home DIY Photo Frame

There really is No Place Like Home! We love this design - use it for precious hostess gifts like this trivet made by Kerri from Mama Dares To DIY or follow our tutorial below to make this adorable photo frame. 

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No Place Like Home Frame


· Mesh Stencil – No Place Like Home

· 4oz – Weybridge Classic

· 4oz – Harbor Lights

· 4oz – Rugo

· Foam Dome Brush


Additional Supplies Needed:

· Frame (Hobby Lobby)

· Painters’ Tape



1. Begin by placing the stencil centered onto the left side of the frame.

2. Next, place painters’ tape lightly along the edge to protect the outers portions of the frame.

3. Then place a dab of each color paint on a piece of scrap cardboard. Then use the foam dome brush to load and unload each color using an up down motion. Appy those colors to the stencil using the same motion and do not go back over them to ensure the colors do not completely blend together.

4. Once done, carefully and quickly remove the stencil and wash it in lukewarm water. Allow the frame to fully dry before use.

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