DIY A Woodgrain Look For Any Surface

July 01, 2021

DIY A Woodgrain Look For Any Surface

Our new Woodgrain Mesh Stencil is so versatile! Watch Amy and Michelle use our stencil for various projects, then do one yourself. 😍 

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Woodgrain Cement Pot DIY


Mesh Stencil – Woodgrain

4oz - Aviary

Foam Dome Brush

Additional Supplies Needed:

Cement Pot (Ikea) 


Begin by carefully placing the stencil around the pot, smoothing out any bubbles.

Then load and offload the Foam Dome Brush with Aviary paint using an up down motion. Using the same motion, apply the paint to the stencil.

As you work around the pot, stick your hand inside it to rotate it around. Be sure to work quickly as you go around the pot.

Once done, carefully remove the stencil and wash it immediately with lukewarm water. Allow the pot to fully dry and cure for several days before use.




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