Bee Mine DIY T-Shirt

February 15, 2019

Bee Mine DIY T-Shirt

Materials You’ll Need

How to Make Your Bee Mine T-Shirt

  1. Lay shirt flat and place a hard surface (such as a piece of cardboard) between the front and back layers of the shirt.

2. Using your foam brush, apply Bless His Heart Gel Art Ink to the bee stamp from your Vintage Icons set.

3. Press stamp onto the desired area of your shirt, pressing firmly.

4. Remove stamp carefully, then wash and lay flat to dry.

5. Cut the letters you will need from your stencil. Lay letters on one at a time, then apply Bless His Heart Gel Art Ink with a spreader.

6. Allow each letter to dry before applying the next one.

7. Let your shirt dry overnight. Set the ink by ironing on low heat. Then wear and wash like normal!

Ready to rock this cute shirt? The whole project should take less than an hour. Once the Gel Art Ink has dried, we want to see how your Bee Mine T-shirt looks on you! Tag @amakersstudio on Instagram and use #enjoythebraggingrights to make sure we (and your community of fellow Makers) can see your beautiful work!

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