DIY His & Hers Towels

June 04, 2020

DIY His & Hers Towels

This has to be one of the best DIY tutorials for those who are married or want the perfect gift for those soon to be married. 
No matter the reason, creating super cute DIY his & hers towels is a fun project that anyone can do in just a few easy steps! 
Find needed project materials at the bottom of the page.

DIY His & Hers Towels Instructions: 

Step 1: Begin by cutting out the letters of your stencil. 
Cutting An Adhesive Mesh Stencil | A Makers Studio
Step 2.Then start with the last letter, for “hers” use “S,” and place 
it in the bottom right corner of your towel.
Using A Mesh Stencil On A Towel | A Makers Studio
Step 3. Next, place a small dab of Hold Your Horses Gel Art Ink onto your Spreader. 
Applying Black Gel Art Ink To A Spreader | A Makers Studio
Step 4. Use the spreader to apply the ink to the stencil.
Use enough pressure to push the Gel Art Ink through the mesh. 
Applying Gel Art Ink On A Towel | A Makers Studio
Step 5. Carefully remove the Mesh Stencil and wash it with lukewarm water.
Removing A Mesh Stencil To Clean | A Makers Studio
Step 6. Once dry, you can move on to the next letter, repeating the steps 
and connecting them as you go.
Using Gel Art Ink & A Mesh Stencil | A Makers Studio
Step 7. Repeat the steps using the last two letters. 
Applying A Mesh Stencil With Gel Art Ink | A Makers Studio
Step 8. Do the same for “His” towel.
"His" DIY Towel | A Makers' Studio
Step 9. Once all letters have dried for at least two hours 
use a hot iron (no steam) to set the ink.  
His & Hers DIY Towels | A Makers Studio
Supplies Needed To Complete Your DIY His & Hers Towels:
2 Towels
Gel Art Ink – Hold Your Horses 

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