How To Create Gilded Glasses Using Burlap

December 03, 2019

How To Create Gilded Glasses Using Burlap

The holidays are here! These gorgeous glasses are perfect for your parties or to give as a special gift!



Step 1: Load your Foam Dome Brush with Gilding Size and offload onto cardboard. Then apply the size to a section of the burlap. 

Step 2: Using the burlap like a stamp, press it onto the glass and lift straight up. Continue the process around the glass.

Step 3: Once the size has come to tack, apply the Gold Leaf. Hold the spine with one hand and pull the tissue back with the other. Burnish and then lift packet up, continuing the process until the entire area is covered.

Step 4: Once you have covered the area, remove the excess leaf with a stiff brush.


Products used:

- Imitation Gold Leaf

- Gilding Size




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