New July Stencils Idea Board

July 23, 2020

New July Stencils Idea Board

Today is a great day because we have NEW stencils in! See how to use these new stencils with our ChalkArt, Ceramic Paints, Gel Art Ink, and Etching Cream. 


ChalkArt & Refuge Mesh Stencil Sign

Create a beautiful ChalkArt sign for your home. Our ChalkArt is removable so change out the sign as you fall in love with new stencils! Love the one you created? Set it with our Amy Howard At Home Matte Sealer and keep it forever. 

Ceramic Paints & Refuge Mesh Stencil

Create a beautifully customized dish with our Ceramic Paints and Refuge Mesh Stencil. 

Gel Art Ink & Lean Not Mesh Stencil Party Bags!

Create fun party bags for guests or special lunch bags for your children. The possibilities are endless!

Glass Etched Vase with Lean Not Mesh Stencil

Our Glass Etching Cream will help you make your own gorgeous vases. Use our Lean Not Mesh Stencil for a beautiful message with your beautiful flowers. 

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