No Drama Llama Decor & DIY Fashion

April 23, 2019

No Drama Llama Decor & DIY Fashion

Llamas are super trendy right now, especially the cute little illustrations you see all over stores. But the thing with “trendy” means it can be a little bit more expensive, which is why we created our No Drama Llama Maker Monday Kit. For a fraction of the cost of store-bought llama lover gear, you can decorate virtually anything with these adorable stencils.

On Maker Monday this week, Amy is showing you how to make the most of the No Drama Llama kit, including how to “llama-fy” an adorable little zipper pouch. Plus, Amy shows you a number of ways to use your llama stencils on this week’s video:

Materials You'll Need


How to Design Your Drama-Free Llama Pouch

  1. Apply If the Creek Don't Rise Gel Art Ink over the entire front of the pouch, spreading it smoothly and letting the fabric absorb it.

2. Once that layer of Gel Art Ink is fully dry, lay the llama stencil in the center of the pouch.
3. Apply Over Yonder Gel Art Ink to the saddle.
4. Apply Hey Y'all to the neck of Llama.
5. Apply Hold Your Horses to the rest of the stencil.

In no time, you’ll have a cute little llama pouch that you can take with you to work, use in the car, or even gift to a child for their school snack pack. Plus, you’ll have the entire stencil kit to create other works of art, whether it’s a tote, nursery decor, personalized tumblers, pillowcases — even wrapping paper like Amy demonstrates in the video! Check out this week’s edition of Maker Monday on Facebook to see all the different ways you can use this fun bundle, and even get some extra tips from Amy Howard herself!


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