6 Projects You Can Create With Your Maker Box

May 08, 2019

6 Projects You Can Create With Your Maker Box

The Maker’s Box is truly one of our favorite bundles of product!

Inside the Maker’s Box, you are able to get a taste of all the possibilities you can achieve with the A Maker’s Studio line of products.

From completing your own home decor to spicing up dining accessories, the possibilities are truly endless.

Below are our six favorite projects that you can complete right away using the Maker’s Box. Included are the step-by-step project cards to follow along with at home.

1. Always Be Grateful

Create a beautiful hand designed sign with an inspirational quote for your home

using your chalk art, paint, stencil and tools inside your Maker’s Box.


2. Home Mug

Enjoy your coffee with a personal touch. Easily craft your own mugs with your stencil and rescue, restore paint included inside your Maker Box.

3. Home Art

Rescue an old frame and create a beautiful piece of art for your home!

Easily bring your frame to life using the rescue, restore paint and apply your stencil with chalk art to create your unique artwork.

4. Gilded Wine Glass

Looking to take your home dining experience to the next level? Create a beautiful gilded wine glass using the gold leaf and size inside of your Maker Box. Your dinner parties will surely be the talk of your neighborhood.

5. Vase Bling

Want to make your floral displays pop like never before? Create your own hand crafted, gold accented vase to compliment your flowers. Easily complete using the gold leaf and gilding size inside of your Makers Box.

6. Feather Art Fun

One of our most popular DIY art projects is the Feather Art Fun project. Bring a flare of fun into any room with these beautiful pieces. Get started using your gel ink, stencil and chalk art inside of your Maker Box.