Be Still Plaster Kit


Supplies Included:

18x18 Wood Surface 


Sew on and Sew Forth ChalkArt

Hey Good Lookin' ChalkART 

Cute as a Button ChalkArt 

Alphabet 4 Mesh Stencil


Other supplies needed:

Palette knife/ palette spreader- bowl - spoon 


1.Mix plaster with water in equal parts in container to get thick smooth consistency  - 12 tsp of plaster to 12 tsp of water  - spread evenly and smoothly across surface with spreader. Keep wet edge and go row by row - spread over side edges as well- do not overwork any area. Allow to dry 1 hour completely 

2. Repeat process of step one if desired thickness in first layer not achieved. Can mix less plaster, keep parts equal when mixing- allow to dry.

3. Mix equal parts water and Sew On and Sew Forth ChalkArt to desired color make sure consistency is smooth and chalk art lumps are worked out. Set aside. -Mix equal parts water and plaster to thick consistency again. Combine chalk color to wet plaster mix and combine both thoroughly, should be very smooth consistency, if plaster becomes a watery add one tsp at a time of plaster until thick consistency is achieved again.

4. Spread over ⅔ of surface smoothly and cleanly with spreader- do not overwork. Allow to dry. 

5. Repeat step 2 with second color- spread on lower ⅓ of surface.

6. Spread ChalkArt to area blue and white plaster meet to blend line, if so desired. Allow to dry.

7. Spread Sew On and Sew Forth and Hey Good Lookin' ChalkArt sporadically across surface to create depth. Allow to dry.

8. Lay out stencil starting at the last letter if phrase to where you would like within margins. Once satisfied with placement, spread plaster over stencil. Remove and allow to dry.

9. Repeat step 8 until all letters have spelled out desired phrase.

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