Root for Me Pot Kit


Supplies Included:

  • Mesh Stencil – Root For Me
  • 4oz Sample – French Blue
  • 4oz Sample – Brooks Grey
  • Sponge Paint Brush – 3.0”
  • Foam Dome Brush

Other Supplies:

  • Terracotta Pot (preferably without an edge)
  • Painters’ Tape
  • Small Bowl(s)


  1. Begin by mixing 1 part Brooks Grey and 3 parts French Blue One Step Paints with 4 parts water.
  2. Then use the Sponge Paint Brush to apply paint ¾ of the way up the pot, leaving the top edge raw terracotta. Keep the line solid but not necessarily straight. It is good to let it have an organic feeling like waves or mountains. Once dry, mix in 3 parts more water to create a very translucent stripe above the first pass. 
  3. Next, grab another bowl and mix 1 part Brooks Grey and 2 parts French Blue with 2 parts water. Make another pass dropping below the other sections.  Allow it to dry and then continue this layering process, adding in more Brooks Grey to your mixture each time.
  4. Once done with all the layers and your pot has fully dried, cut out and place your “Root For Me” stencil in the lower, darker section of your pot. Place painters’ tape around the edges to protect the pot.
  5. Then load your Foam Dome Brush with French Blue One Step Paint. Offload it using an up down motion.  Using that same motion, apply the paint to the stencil.
  6. Once done, quickly remove the stencil and wash it in lukewarm water. Repeat the same process to add a decorative border around the top of the pot.

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