Make with Joy


Wax isn't just for candles! The May/June Make With Joy delivery comes with everything you need to make your own encaustic painting PLUS access to an exclusive how-to video with our founder and DIY expert Amy Howard.

Also known as hot wax painting, the encaustic medium uses heated, pigmented beeswax to create one-of-a-kind wall art. You're sure to love the results of using this timeless medium with our Paris Stencil and luxurious gold embellishing wax.

Your March/April Make With Joy kit includes all the products you need to DIY artisan level wall art:

  • Paris Font Stencil
  • Blue Pigment
  • White Pigment
  • Brown Pigment
  • Gold Embellishing Wax
  • Container of Wax
  • 10in x 10in Surface

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