• About A Makers' Studio

  • What is A Makers’ Studio Maker?

    Makers are Creatives (and aspiring Creatives!) entrepreneurs who own their personal Makers’ Studio business. As a Maker, you create alongside your friends and family, teaching them how to craft a beautiful life using our workshop kits and artisan-level products. Makers develop the leadership skills to help others build creative businesses as well. In short, each Maker is empowered to use their hands, hearts, and head to make a difference in the world with their innate creativity and drive as business owners – not to mention earning an exceptional income doing what it is you LOVE!

  • Who is Amy Howard?

    After developing easy-to-use, professional DIY décor product lines and tutorials as the CEO of Amy Howard At Home over the past thirty years, Amy wanted to provide women across the country the same opportunity to be a successful creative business owner. A Makers' Studio is her way of giving back as the visionary and guiding light for creative and aspiring creative entrepreneurs who want nothing more than to build a business using their innate creativity and drive. Amy's business model and mentorship help our Makers gain clarity and focus while developing themselves leaders and artisans.

    Amy has been recognized nationally, having written two books, A Maker’s Guide and Rescue, Restore, Redecorate – Amy Howard’s Guide to Refinishing Furniture and Accessories. Many have been inspired by Amy, meeting her at various national fairs and other book signing engagements. She has been seen on Fox News, Pickler & Ben and several other TV programs. She is a sought-after keynote speaker across the country and in her community, where she and her husband, Gene, serve others through their church and other philanthropic endeavors.

  • How is A Makers’ Studio different than other direct sales companies?

    Throughout her years as a creative business woman, our founder, Amy Howard met so many creative and aspiring creative women who simply lacked the business skills to turn their creativity and unique abilities into a viable business that could support their family financially. So Amy packaged up her knowledge and created a business model that you can duplicate to be a successful entrepreneur! With A Makers’ Studio, you can start a business without leasing a building, writing up contracts, hiring employees, figuring out payroll, designing a website, or buying inventory. You also become a difference maker in your community by helping others discover and cultivate their creativity and business savvy, and in the world by contributing to the end of human trafficking.

  • About Becoming a Maker

  • How do I sign up to be a Maker?

    We’re so excited about this next step in your journey! When you’re ready to enroll as a Maker, either contact your Maker or click on Become A Maker Boss at the top of this website. Here, you will also have the opportunity to be connected with the Maker who introduced you to A Makers’ Studio. Here, you will provide the information needed for you to enroll as a Maker. You will also order your Getting Started materials (Pacesetter StudioPak) and choose your first of three product StudioPaks. You will also register for your own personal website, which will be open for your customers 24/7! You may want to join in our closed Facebook Group just for Makers. You can dive right into past live trainings, watch webinars, and meet other Makers!

  • Do I need specific training or certifications to become a Maker?

    Not at all! You can register and get started right away online. You will then have access to your own Maker Mentor, sales and product trainings, and more through our online portal and closed Facebook Group.

  • What kind of business mentorship and support will I get from A Makers’ Studio?

    You will get all the guidance and support you need to be successful here at A Makers’ Studio. Amy’s heart behind creating this business opportunity came from seeing so many creative women lack the business and sales skills to use their innate creativity to truly change their lives. So, she is taking her vast business experience and giving it to you! In addition to Amy’s guidance, you will have the entire Home Team, as well as your own Maker Mentor to support you each step of the way. A Makers’ Studio offers weekly support calls, live trainings, and webinars to teach you about the product and help you run your business more effectively. We even give you your own website with product ready to sell 24/7!

  • Can I still sign up if I don’t live in the United States?

    Unfortunately, not at this time. We currently only work with Makers in the continental United States. However, we hope to expand at a later date. If you’d be interested in joining an international team sometime in the future, please join the waitlist. (coming soon)

  • Can I sign up to be a Maker if I’m already working with another direct sales company?

    Yes, as long as it does not compete with A Makers’ Studio product. Many of our Makers are employed part-time or full-time elsewhere. All we ask is that you give your A Makers’ Studio business enough time and attention to support your income goals.

  • How much does it cost to become a Maker?

    Upon enrollment you will purchase the $49 PaceSetter StudioPak, which has the supplies you need to get started as a Maker, including your own personal website,. You’ll be offered a special rate on additional StudioPaks with even more product so you can show your customers at your Creative Gatherings the breadth of your product offering. These are optional purchases, although we do recommend you try one out! Our goal is to help you use your Getting Started materials and initial StudioPaks to begin making money in your first 30 days.

  • Do Makers have to pay any additional fees?

    Each month you will auto-pay your administrative fees of $19.95. This covers your e-commerce website and your MakerOffice (back office) support tools like business reports, customer tracking, and more. We also introduce new and exciting workshop kits and StudioPaks that you can order on a regular basis.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Maker?

    As a Maker with A Makers’ Studio, you receive a done-for-you business model and all the support you need to follow it to success. You get the opportunity to build a business that helps others tap into their own creativity and craft a beautiful life too. As you meet others who would make excellent creative business owners, YOU get to lead them in adding to their family budget and finding their own purpose and lifestyle they love. Makers earn generous commissions on their product sales plus bonuses, rewards, and more.

  • How do I make money as a Maker?

    Makers earn commissions on the products they sell either in-person or through your own personal website. Bonuses and additional earnings can be unlocked through promotional periods and building your own team of Makers.

  • How much can I expect to earn as a Maker?

    The beauty of this business is that you decide how much you earn. You choose the income goals and commitment level that’s right for you. To view our detailed Compensation Plan please visit here.

  • Are Makers required to keep product inventory?

    Nope! You never have to maintain inventory to sell – we do that FOR you! Your customers can purchase products from your Creative Gatherings, the Creative Inspirations catalog or online anytime via your A Makers’ Studio website. And, we ship it directly to your customers!

  • About Creative Gatherings

  • How do I find out if there’s a Creative Gathering near me?

    You can find a Maker near you by clicking here!

  • What are Creative Gatherings?

    We believe everyone is Creative, and learning something new is how many discover their ultimate creativity. Whether in-person or online, Creative Gatherings bring together a community of friends to learn a new skill or complete a project in a supportive, social environment. Makers earn commissions on the workshop kits their attendees purchase and through the products they sell during the event or through their website. These gatherings are truly a priceless gift of connection!

  • What are In-Person Creative Gatherings?

    Creative Gatherings are hosted in-person by a Maker's friends and acquaintances. They can be held in your home, your backyard, even at your church or community center. In-person Creative Gatherings are times of laughter, education, creativity, and community. Hosts of these events enjoy benefits like a FREE workshop kit, discounted products, and more for supporting our Makers. Your customers come together to create with you and may even leave with a completed project for their home… and definitely leave with new friends!

  • How long are in-person Creative Gatherings?

    These events are about an hour and a half to two hours long. We provide Makers and Hosts with a detailed timeline and a checklist to prepare for the event.

  • What are Virtual Creative Gatherings?

    Virtual Gatherings are hosted by a Maker's friends and acquaintances and allow anyone, anywhere to learn about A Makers’ Studio products. Attendees at Virtual Gatherings join others from around the country to create together over the Internet. Hosts for these online events get a FREE workshop kit, discounted products, and SO much more!

  • How long are virtual Creative Gatherings?

    These events are hour to an hour and a half. We provide Makers and Designers with a detailed timeline and a checklist to prepare for the event. The technology and tools you need to host the event online are also provided!

  • How do I prepare for attending a Creative Gathering?

    Attending a Creative Gathering is very simple… just purchase your Workshop Kit through the link your Maker provides in the invitation. Then make your way to an In-Person Gathering a few minutes early to get settled in, or log onto the Virtual Gathering at the indicated time. Any links and tech tips you need will be emailed to you ahead of time. For either event, all you really need is your Workshop Kit, a positive attitude, and a healthy dose of excitement!

  • When should I arrive at a Creative Gathering or Virtual Workshop that I’m attending?

    We recommend arriving or logging on a few minutes early to get settled in and meet the other attendees.

  • What is included in my Workshop Kit materials?

    Everything you need to complete your project is included in your workshop kit!

  • About Hosting Creative Gatherings

  • How do I host an in-person or virtual Creative Gathering?

    We’re so excited to have you as a Host for an upcoming in-person or virtual Creative Gathering! To get started, you can sign up as a Host here or click Creative Gatherings at the top of the website to see our generous Reward & Redecorate Host Incentives Program.

  • Do Designers have to pay any additional fees?

    Nope! In fact, it’s the total opposite – Hosts actually earn free and discounted products!

  • What are the benefits for hosting a Creative Gathering?

    Hosts are extremely special, because they are a huge support to Makers. As a Host, you’re able to experience a unique event for your friends and family. On top of that, you receive a FREE workshop kit for your event and earn free and discounted products based on your sales and bookings at the event. You may even get special bonus gifts during promotional periods! Many Hosts go on to become Makers themselves, so hosting an event can be a great way to see what starting your own A Makers’ Studio business could be like!

  • How much does it cost to become a Host?

    Absolutely nothing! In fact, you actually earn free and discounted stuff!

  • Can I host a bridal shower or other special event with A Makers’ Studio?

    A Maker’s Studio workshops are perfect for special events! You can work with your Maker to determine the best Workshop Kit for your event. Once you choose a kit, ensure that all of your guests purchase their kits through your Maker’s event link. All that’s left is to review the timeline, event checklist, and add your own personal touch to the event. Your Maker will come ready to lead your guests in learning a new skill or creating a completed project they can take home. Everything they need will be included in the workshop kit.

  • About A Makers’ Studio Products

  • Why should I use A Makers’ Studio products over other options?

    A Makers’ Studio products are tried and true – each one has been carefully crafted to be easy to use with professional results. Because we believe that we must care for ourselves, our families, our homes, and our world, we’ve insured that each product is safe for you and safe for our environment. That means no VOCs, no animal testing, and no harmful chemicals. From the pigments that create each vibrant color to the ingredients in our specialty finishes, you can be confident and excited to share A Makers’ Studio products with your family and friends.

  • Do you use animal testing on any A Makers’ Studio products?

    Never ever!

  • Where are A Makers’ Studio products manufactured?

    All of our products are created in the USA using proprietary formulations created through the vision of Amy Howard, many of which are patented. That means you won’t find them anywhere else!