ChalkArt - 2 oz


Summer Melon
Water to My Ocean
Cute as a Button
Peace and Joy
Hey Good Lookin'
Be Mine
Together Forever
Heavens to Betsy
Sew on and Sew Forth
Mind Your Manners
Preaching to the Choir
Morning Glory
Metallic Gold
Metallic Silver
Metallic Copper
NEW - Can't Never Could
NEW - Well I Declare
NEW - I Reckon
NEW - Slow As Molasses

ChalkArt - 2 oz

ChalkArt™ is all about versatility. And when paired with our uniquely detailed (and patented!) mesh decorative stencils, you can create truly professional designs on almost any surface... over and over again!

Break out this water-based chalk paste to easily customize your furniture, tabletop decor, glass, and nearly any other non-porous surface. Grab some A Makers’ Studio Rescue Restore paint as the perfect match for the ChalkArt™ paste when you want that extra pop in your designs.

Join us in customizing weddings and events, hostessing like a pro with beautifully designed placemats, creating magazine-worthy furniture updates, and more. While we love being able to remove it all and recreate to our heart’s content, you can also seal your designs at anytime!

After drying for just 15 minutes, you will have a beautiful piece of lettering or artwork that will leave people wondering, “how did she do it?” Want to change up your design later? Just clean with a wet rag and create something brand new!

NEW ChalkArt colors available Oct 27th.

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