Ink Artwork Kit

If you're looking for a fun and creative DIY project that will teach you a new skill while also producing beautiful and unique artwork, then our Ink Artwork Kit is the perfect choice! The kit includes all the supplies and instructions you need to create stunning ink art pieces, even if you have no prior experience. Each kit includes:

Synthetic Paper - 5 Sheets

Alcohol Inks - Gold, White, Brown, Black

Mesh Stencil - Mon Amour, 9x12

Artist Brush

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Custom Crafts Designed for Beginners


Apply & Mix the Inks

Add the inks to your paper in the pattern you want. Get creative with it! Move around with a straw or Artist Brush until you get the desired effect.


Paint Your Design

Use the Mesh Stencil included to paint on an intricate design of your choice to your ink background.


Cut & Frame

It's that easy! Once dry, cut out the design as you like and frame to enjoy in your home or gift to a loved one!

Expert Tips

The Makers’ Journey is simple… make with joy, teach with passion, mentor with love, and serve with grace. We are all designed to be inspired and to inspire. Whether you’re restoring a precious piece of furniture, designing wall art, or completing any number of creative projects, you will feel how art can stir the soul and satisfy the heart.

In this video, you'll learn how to create easy customized cards and stationery for that next special occasion or note to a loved one.

What Our Crafters Have to Say

"This stencil is Beautiful!! The detail is extraordinary!!! The quality of the stencil itself is top notch…. Thank You A Makers Studio!!!!"

Margaret V.

Verified Buyer

"Always a great experience! I used products from 2 other companies for years, before finding Makers. Makers Ink, paste, all purpose paint, all stay fresh for a very long time, unlike the competition. The stencils are very detailed and always come out looking sharp. 10 stars for this company!!!"

Deborah D.

Verified Buyer

"I love using your stencils! They are very easy to use and great patterns and choices!"

Sheila F.

Verified Buyer

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