AMS Retailer Q&A

What is A Makers’ Studio?

A Makers’ Studio is a crafting and DIY product line. As a retailer, you have access to the entire line of products. Our product line ranges from patented tri mesh stencils to ChalkArt, Gel Art Ink, Glass Etching cream, transfers and so much more.


What are the requirements for becoming a Retailer?

You can qualify as a retailer if you have a brick and mortar, have a booth within a larger antique mall or similar building, if you have an active URL that you manage with a shopping cart (NOT a 3rd party site like Etsy, Amazon or Ebay)


What are the ordering requirements?

Opening order is $550.
Minimum re-orders are $100
If deactivated you can place a $200 to reactivate your account.

Is there free shipping?

After your opening order, you will get a PROMO code that you can add to any order over $450 for free shipping. Unless we run a sale for retailers – at which time only ONE promo code can be entered on the site and therefore you will not be able to use free shipping if we are allowing a sale on wholesale items.


How quickly are orders processed?

Once an order is placed, we work to have it fulfilled and shipped in 24 hours. Our warehouse is closed on the weekends and Holidays so orders placed on those days will be processed, in the order they are placed, on the next business day. Once the order has been processed, the actual time for the shipment to reach your business is estimated and the responsibility of the carrier it has been shipped with.


Am I required to teach classes?

It is not a requirement. But you will be more successful if you are educating your customers on how to use the product. We call this an experiential retailer. When you offer an experience (class or demo) your customer feels mastery over the product, is less intimidated, and is excited about purchasing. Experiences also give you the opportunity to connect with your customers and become the expert in their life about A Makers’ Studio products.


Can retailers purchase the bundles on the website?

The bundles created for the Retail site of A Makers’ Studio are already discounted on our end and therefore cannot be sold at Wholesale. Because you have access to the entire product line, you can create bundles of your own and sell them at a discount. (i.e. You host a glass etching class: bundle a stencil, glass etching cream and an artist brush together and discount the retail total of these three items by 20% and make it available for those class attendees only.)


Are there any benefits to retailing with A Makers’ Studio?


  1. We have a marketing website that you will have access to after your opening order. On this website you will find social media imagery for posting and sharing, video collateral for posting and sharing that is both product and project driven, recipe cards that are printable for classes or adding to project bundles you create.There is a monthly business mentoring call with Amy Howard
  2. You have access to an amazing community of other creatives on our closed Facebook group.
  3. Bi-monthly retail newsletter to keep you up to date on new information and collateral releases
  4. Retailer referral program.


Is there any training on the product and its usage?

We have many different avenues to gain knowledge about the product line. There is a Maker Monday every Monday at 10am where Amy goes live and teaches a project as well as educating on the product. There is also a YouTube channel where you can watch more video collateral regarding the product. You also have access to an account manager that can answer any questions about the product and it’s usage when needed.


Do you offer territory protection?

We review each new retail applicant on a case-by-case basis. We take into consideration the known location of existing retailers, the health of the applicant’s store(s), and that of the existing retailers (i.e. sales volume, product range, education program). Our purpose is to maintain product availability for end users and to avoid cannibalizing sales between retail locations. Because of territory protection, if a retailer applies and is approved as an online store only, they
can only sell AMS items through their website. They are not permitted to sell in any form other than shipping orders made through their website. This prevents them from infringing on the territory of a brick-and-mortar or booth in their area.